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About Us

CoAmp was founded in January 2018 by Graham McCorkill to help startups and other business – especially those challenging their industry or social norms – with practical business advice, gained through real business success, not just theory. Graham has founded or co-founded over 10 startups in the past 30+ years and has built successful businesses across a range of industries including: Technology, Construction, Furniture, Exhibitions, Logistics and Marine.This depth of experience and learning through successes and failures, means we can help create practical and balanced strategies to innovate and grow business success.We are focusing on three key areas of business:1. Startup or Business ReviewOur Business Review process is for the owners of Startups and SMEs who feel their business, process or systems are not working as well as they would like. We offer independent, affordable feedback and advice.2. Pitch Deck CreationOur Pitch Creation service is for Startups and SMEs having difficulty crafting the perfect pitch. We�ll help you develop a pitch and pitch deck that will have your prospective investors or clients really desiring what you have.3. Tech Project Oversight Our Tech Oversight service is for individuals and businesses outsourcing development of a new web or mobile app for the first time. We provide an experienced, independent and affordable influence in the process� It can be difficult sorting through the suggestions and claims made by developers.Our goal is to help our clients fine-tune their business and continue to innovate, while minimising any serious issues. We offer a 100% money-back guarantee that we will add value to your business. Since launching, we have been working with 3 start-ups clients, each in the tech space. It’s been both exciting and fun!These companies represent quite a diverse industry base� a Crypto Currency platform, an online Fashion Marketplace and a Live Streaming Service.Get in Touch – 0417 955 913




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