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Coinexis is going to revolutionize the world of Coins! Introducing the Kiosks and App that will allow a person(s) to drop large amounts of loose change and “piggy bank” loot in the hopper. Counted; Sorted; and Total given then Options come to life: Trade for Crypto; buy an Itemized Voucher; or Donations to a local Charity! “NOW anyone can Crypto!”… The Kiosks are being deployed around the world over the next year and half. Providing the ability to buy Crypto is one bonus; but the true magic of Coinexis comes in the form of being able to trade Coinexis Coins (COX Coins) in for Optimized voucher from local store; restaurants; and businesses. The value in COX coin will come when offers for 10% ; 20% or up to 50% more value by purchasing vouchers from local stores! All of these using the loose coins and dormant change in the house or office. “Value in Every Coin”!!! Coinexis also wants to provide a great way for charities and local organizations to get funding. Nothing is more important than giving to those less fortunate and Coinexis provides an easy and fun way to donate! As the World becomes more digital; Coinexis wants to be the KING of Coins and offer Value and Unique opportunities for our customers… Coins in circulation in most countries id billions of dollar and the market is huge! Everyone can save coins and going to a Coinexis will be fun and rewarding.


3 Temasek Ave; Singapore, 03,



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