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Cointandem is a digital payment system just like PayPal but purely for cryptocurrency.Cointandem’s solution offers the option to expand your business and revenue opportunities through end-to-end process management. The beauty of this product is there is zero risk involved; the technology actually prevents the user from any potential fraud and necessity to work with banks and the fees attached to those transactions. The technology uses propriety algorithms by combining advanced payment processing with state-of-the-art fraud prevention technology. The user experience was designed to be free flowing like any other e-commerce industry allowing the end user to buy crypto and pay for products using the digital wallet provided. The payment system can be integrated with any functional retailing business allowing digital payments alongside any usual credit card or bank transfer exchange.There is over $320 Billion worth of crypto in the market at the moment and this number is increasing. Some of the largest conglomerate brands in the world accept cryptocurency and now with Cointendem technology, any company big or small can accept crypto. Billions of dollars are exchanged every day through gaming and trading platforms so fraud and risk protection is a MUST for individual businesses in order to protect their assets. This comes at a large cost as do all the charge back fees if the client had decided to cancel a payment which is also documented on the company�s financial history. Cointandem is simple and easy! It eliminates all of these issues in one straight forward transaction process. All you have to do is click on deposit button, sing up, send your KYC docs and approve the transaction. Your client will receive BTC which can be transferred to your account. By accepting cryptocurrencies as payment method means your cutting all the bank charges, the cost fraud protection and the risk of a client cancelling a transaction. Save money and protect your business with Cointandem the crypto gateway!




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2021-07-14 17:21

Review Id 38034

I hope I found this platform sooner. I am satisfied with its simple steps of availing cryptocurrency and how secured to use it.



2021-07-05 16:02

Review Id 37990

This is one of the best crypto exchanges I’ve ever been. High security on the site and no hidden fees. There are flexible options for credit cards. Overall I recommend Cointandem.



2021-06-24 16:41

Review Id 37920

Cointandem is my go to platform whenever I want to buy or sell Bitcoin. They have always been a reliable company providing platform for my trading activities. I especially love the low transaction charge and the secured member only lounge where I can trade my Bitcoin to other verified members.



2021-06-14 04:16

Review Id 37670

Cointandem is one of the best Bitcoin buying platforms around. I can navigate easily in their user friendly GUI unlike other trading portals. I can always trust Cointandem’s secure trading services. Buying and selling Bitcoin transactions are encrypted and all who participate in the trading are verified members only. I am also happy with how their customer service provide assistance whenever I needed one. Good job Cointandem and keep it up!



2021-05-25 18:30

Review Id 35975

I always buy and sell Bitcoin using Cointandem because they have one of the most affordable charge yet they provide a secure online trading portal for their verified members only lounge. I’m giving Cointandem a five star rating.



2021-05-14 06:40

Review Id 35821

Cointandem is now one of my partner when investing on cryptocurrency. It’s not easy to find where to trade bitcoins with no hidden fes and Cointandem’s transparency own my trust.



2021-04-15 18:14

Review Id 34604

Highly recommended for those who are into trading bitcoins like me. Website is secured and very easy to navigate.



2021-04-12 10:52

Review Id 34540

This is the easiest platform for bitcoins transaction I have ever used. Very straightforward and no other redirection when doing the transaction.



2021-03-26 07:01

Review Id 34384

Cointandem is my go to Bitcoin buying site since I started trading Bitcoin. It was recommended to me by my friend and I am glad I made the right decision to try Cointandem. I personally recommend them to my colleagues.



2021-03-19 18:06

Review Id 34345

Two thumbs up to Cointandem’s easy to navigate and user friendly online trading portal. They really did their research in developing their web portal and it paid off. Even not-so techy investors like me get to conveniently buy and sell Bitcoin inside their secure and easy to navigate website. Plus, I can keep track of my account in real time!



2021-03-04 06:11

Review Id 34238

Best platform I am using so far on buying bitcoin. Never had any problem with transactions.



2021-02-19 19:27

Review Id 34146

I find Cointandem the easiest way to buy bitcoins compared on several buy and sell portal I used. It was very simple and straight to the use.



2021-02-07 15:23

Review Id 34067

First time to buy bitcoin here and the transaction is fast and easy compared to other website. So far, I am satisfied with the rates as well.


BitCoin Buyer

2021-01-20 23:02

Review Id 33969

I use Cointandem’s website everytime I want to buy or sell Bitcoin. They have the lowest service fees and securely encrypted transactions.



2021-01-05 18:24

Review Id 33691

I trust Cointandem for all my Bitcoin buy and sell transactions. Every transaction is encrypted and all members are verified. I can also check my Bitcoin balance anytime, anywhere using my phone and Internet so I get to track of all my transactions. I also want to note that they have the lowest fees. That’s great value to the great service I get from them!


Serious man

2020-12-22 22:53

Review Id 32842

Cointandem is a great Bitcoin trading site where I can easily see my crypto currency wallet and where I can buy and sell Bitcoin securely.



2020-12-05 14:27

Review Id 31750

Cointandem has always been my go-to crypto trading site for buying and selling Bitcoin. All transactions are encrypted and I can see my account updates in real time.



2020-11-16 05:08

Review Id 30781

Great customer service for beginners like me. I will keep on using this website.


Luis M

2020-11-02 02:45

Review Id 30695

For me it works conveniently, everytime I will make buy or sell it’s very easy. I would recommend people to use this site all the time instead of other services.



2020-10-27 04:34

Review Id 30608

Very simple and reliable to use, and thanks to this site made a good savings in trading BTCs.


2020-10-21 21:16

Review Id 30227


Ronald John

2020-10-21 15:34

Review Id 30221

Amazing service! Cointandem proved that it is one of the best BTC buying exchange with its advance features. Highly recommended to crypto users


Anthony Gilliam

2020-10-21 08:59

Review Id 30157

Most streamline experience ever!! Cointandem has changed my BTC buying experience. It is a true gem, must use it



2020-10-21 00:12

Review Id 30152

This a great exchange. Such amazing BTC buying or selling platforms are not commonly seen. Very easy to use. I enjoy it alot


R Parsons

2020-10-20 23:51

Review Id 30149

Fast, easy to use and efficient exchange to buy Bitcoin. Cointandem KYC process is also fast. I highly recommend Cointandem to others



2020-10-20 13:44

Review Id 30143

This is the best exchange i have ever used. Instant payment and fully reliable. I can easily buy btc whenever i want



2020-10-18 21:37

Review Id 30134

This exchange works great. Due to high security, I feel safe to deal in BTC from Cointandem. Also, I am able to buy bitcoin using a card


Larry Bart

2020-07-24 05:02

Review Id 27998

So grateful that I can do crypto trading even during this time of Pandemic. Thanks to Cointandem.


Benj Olivier

2020-06-16 09:57

Review Id 27153

This is one of the best website to buy bitcoin from and also to trade cryptocurrencies. Low fees, good service, and professional platform.



2020-05-27 05:33

Review Id 27046

Satisfied with the sevice



2020-05-16 03:34

Review Id 26994

As a starter way back March 2019 using Cointandem, I easily learn how to trade. Expect to have a very simple and professional experience. Some of the advantages I find are no hidden costs and fast executions.



2020-05-14 18:06

Review Id 26989

Cointandem proves to be my reliable cryptocurrency management portal even in this time of quarantine. I can check and trade my Bitcoin in real time. Highly recommended.



2020-04-21 04:14

Review Id 26320

This is a great digital currency without a bank or single administrator that can be sent from user to user on the peer-to-peer bitcoin network without the need for intermediaries.



2020-02-17 10:28

Review Id 25649

“I am very satisfied with Cointandem customer support.
Very professional and really helpful. Cointandem also has no extra charges and no hidden commissions. “


2020-02-17 10:22

Review Id 25646


2020-02-17 10:21

Review Id 25644


2020-02-17 10:16

Review Id 25642


2020-02-17 09:52

Review Id 25636


2020-02-17 09:52

Review Id 25634



2020-01-21 13:41

Review Id 25501

I heard from a lot of people about online trading so I decided to research and try it. Since I started trading with Cointandem I started to gain something like a secondary income and I don’t regret doing this. I am willing to share my knowledge and experience here to help my friends have an extra income too.



2019-12-03 12:45

Review Id 25131

I just started using cointandem and so far I find it quite easy to navigate on buying and selling bitcoin. I was attracted by their ‘lowest rates’ that’s why I tried it with them and it is indeed one of the lowest rates. I am enjoying the services.


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