Crypto Loans and Crypto Lending

Crypto’s great but ain’t much use when baby needs new shoes.  Crypto loans and crypto lending services allow you to use your cryptocurrency as collateral when you want to borrow against your crypto.

Cryptocurrency loans can be a useful service if you want access to fiat cash such as USD during a bull run. If you were to sell your cryptocurrency you would lose the opportunity to benefit from price rises. You may also incur a tax liability on any gains. Borrowing against your crypto assets enables you to stay in the market.

Lenders will usually lend a fraction of the value you deposit with them. So for example, if you deposit Ethereum worth $1000 a lender might advance you $500. If the value of Ethereum falls to far towards $500 the lender will sell sufficient Ethereum to cover your debt and return the rest to you.

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Crypto Loans and Crypto Lending
United Kingdom | Trafalgar avenue, London, London, SE15

p2p lending platform empowering millennialsAssets like gold or real estate, that have been used as store of wealth for . . . centuries have less appeal to millennials. Ayder is is a blockchain p2p lending platform that bridges the gap between blockchain to replace gold loans and property mortgage. The platform pairs lenders and borrowers across the globe using Intelligent Neural Engine and advanced scoring techniques to streamline loan processes.Ayder accept crypto assets as a collateral for loans and offers real time FX conversion between fiat to fiat and cryptocurrency to fiat . The wallet provides all the critical information about user finances in just a single glance with easy to use Graphic Interface.

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