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Cayman Islands |Centennial Towers, 205c, 2454 West Bay Road, Grand Cayman, KY1-1303, Cayman Islands

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  • Crypto Fund Launch
  • Turnkey Crypto Fund Management
  • Designed for Fund Managers Globall
  • Worlds Leading Domicile
  • Low Cost Launch
  • Launch in just 4 weeks
Turnkey Regulated and Audited Solution for Launching and Managing a Crypto Fund

Our regulated crypto fund platform for crypto hedge fund managers (CV5 Digital) is structured to provide huge cost . . . efficiencies, complimented with independent service providers expected of institutional investors, counterparties, exchanges and regulators. If you are a fund manager looking to launch a crypto fund, then contact us today and leverage our expertise in launching highly successful and compliant crypto funds. 
Domiciled in the worlds leading jurisdiction for crypto hedge funds – the Cayman Islands
Fund Launch Time – 4 weeks
Service Providers – Tier 1
Low cost – Significant Cost Benefit compared to launching a stand-alone fund
Supported by a regulated firm based in the Cayman Islands
Access to all crypto markets, prime brokers, CEX’s, defi protocols, OTC desks and custodians
Investors may invest in Fiat via funds bank account or in crypto.
​Each fund is supported by best-in-class service providers, regulated by CIMA and an audited track record for your investors.  The platform has developed a wealth of knowledge of the crypto industry, staking, yield-farming, de-fi, the ecosystems and service providers globally that can enhance a fund offering, as well as governance and compliance to provide comfort to your investors. 

Our USP: 4 Weeks to launch, Tier 1 Service Providers, Institutional Services, Low Cost, Regulated, Highly Experienced Crypto Support, Governance and Compliance Focused.

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Who is Crypto Beadles?Robert Beadles is a popular and highly respected speaker, authority, and influencer within the . . . blockchain and cryptocurrency industries. His social media followers come from all walks of life, including crypto enthusiasts who are looking for straightforward and down-to-earth insights for the cryptocurrency market.

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The 108 index tracks the top 15 cryptocurrencies, on a supply-adjusted basis, and rebalances the constituents on a . . . monthly basis. The 108token is an ERC-20 token that can eventually be traded on centralized and decentralized exchange platforms.Adjusted market cap = Total circulating supply by the year 2050 * Price of that asset at the time of analysisDetailed information is provided :https://108token.com/crypto-index.html

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Global ICO Advisors is a group of some of the most influential ICO advisors in the current crypto market. We hope to . . . build bridges of cooperation with other advisors to build a network of experts in different niches, all with the main goal of securing funding for new startups, growing current businesses and exploring new opportunities of growth of the whole blockchain industry.

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The “Genesis GG20” company intend to bring the worlds “new money” into everyday use, by regular people for everyday . . . services, all around the world. Crypto-currency is an evolution of money and its time is NOW here. Better known by most through the term “BitCoin”, there are hundreds of variant crypto-currencies now in this space. Some good and some bad. We intend to connect the best of crypto-currency to those forward thinking business owners and entrepreneurs who realise that this is one of the biggest retailing opportunities to happen since the beginning of internet commerce. Genesis GG20 Ltd trading names are Shop-Again.biz – 20Again.biz and IZEcoin.com . These three trading entities form the building blocks of our retail eco-system in which the IZEcoin is used. IZEcoin is a LIVE crypto currency which started life on the Nova-Exchange, and later also on Cryptopia, one of the most popular exchanges in that space.We are recruiting – so get in touch now if you want to join our journey. Follow us here: https://www.facebook.com/20AgainInternational/

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