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Fairlay is a Bitcoin Prediction/Betting Market and a Crypto-Currencies Exchange. We were founded in 2013 in London by . . . the founders of Gnosis, they quickly moved on to work with Consensys and sold their shares to other investors. Though we had some tough times where parts of the team left and we were very short on man power, our team is now larger and better than ever before. Almost 4 years since our original release, after establishing ourselves as the best and most liquid Bitcoin Prediction Market we came out of beta and migrated to Costa Rica in 2017.We specialise in getting reliable information for everyone. Anybody can create any kind of binary event derivative or CFD. Most of our predictions are on sports betting, but we are working to improve liquidity in politics, economics, and crypto. We also intend to decentralise our platform and run it with smart-contracts on RSK.Fairlay seeks to crowd-source information by providing a totally open prediction market. Functioning more like a conditional betting exchange, Fairlay not only allows users to bet but to see public confidence on various bitcoin and altcoin related events, as well as sports, and general news. By using Bitcoin to allow users to demonstrate where their confidence lies regarding a specific event, Fairlay can aggregate the wisdom of the majority.There is a huge potential in the possibilities of an open prediction market. Bitcoin could be the technological enabler for that. Fairlay sees a prediction market as a great tool to evaluate risks, hedge risks and aggregate information. Why do we have lots of different numbers for weather forecasts or as election predictions? Fairlay believes that a working prediction market could aggregate all data into the best available forecast. If someone has newer or better information he is able to bet against the current prediction, improving the forecast and get rewarded in the process.

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