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About Us

CROWDX is a state-of-the-art crowdfunding platform built with Web3 technology which enables new forms of patronage in the digital age, allowing creatives to maximize value creation with their community in a manner not existent on incumbent platforms. Creatives can use the platform to launch projects by building/onboarding their support base, funding campaigns, issuing NFT-based patronage assets as non-financial perks/rewards, while earning continuous income as these exclusive rewards are bought and sold in the market.Patronage assets are rewards given to campaign contributors when certain funding goals have been met. A fan who supports the funding for an album at a certain tier would receive a badge that grants them future rewards, like an exclusive, redeemable ticket to a future show, or a tradeable VIP subscription that allows more direct engagement between creatives and fans. There are many exciting ways creatives can engage their community with this type of rewards-based system.Patronage is a more connected and continuous relationship between creatives and their supporters than one-off crowdfunding events. Supporters can receive recurring rewards from their contributions and creatives can receive campaign donations in addition to continuous income as rewards are bought and sold in the market.Our goal is to build a service that bridges the familiarity of traditional crowdfunding platforms with the unique and expansive capabilities of blockchain and the burgeoning crypto asset class, opening access to sustainable creative commerce. We will consider this effort a success when creatives of all kinds continuously turn to CROWDX to help manifest their vision in the world. If we remove as much of the friction in the creative process as possible, we can invigorate our cultures and further realize our creative potential.




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