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First MultiChain based Business Crypto Asset Issuance Platform.By introducing the tools for a simple marketplace for Business Crypto Assets issuances, the CryptoAssetBox platform helps bridge the gap between traditional businesses and blockchain-based asset ownership and investment opportunities.1. Competitive Advantage- MULTICHAINCryptoAssetBox uses ETH, EOS, NEO. Create crypto assets of businesses for any situation with our platform.- FREE AND EASY TO USE COINCREATORCryptoAssetBox allows users to create their own ERC20 tokens with easy to use interface.- ICO CAMPAIGN CREATORCryptoAssetBox allows users to create an entire ICO campaign as well as accept ethereum based funding from investors. A campaign investor just needs to send ether to the ICO contract address. Users can start their own ICO without any fee, and it requires only commission fee.- MANAGE FRACTIONAL ILLIQUID ASSETSEnable the creation, deployment, management of blockchain based fractional assets, get a real-time view of all fractional assets, offerings and financial activity with easy to use dashboard.- CRYPTO-ASSET ISSUANCE DASHBOARDManage ERC20 tokens, Security tokens, Crowdsale campaigns or deploy decentralized apps through an easy to use dashboard.- COMPANY GOVERNANCEThe CryptoAssetBox platform provides DAO Company Creator Dapp, and it has got features such as creating a company, making proposal, voting on the proposal, executing proposal, and claiming dividends.2. Features- RAISE CRYPTO CAPITAL WITH ICO CAMPAIGN CREATORThrough an easy to use platform, users can create an entire ICO campaign as well as accept ethereum based funding from investors.- MANAGE COMPANY TRANSPARENTLY AND MORE EFFICIENTLYThis allows the user to Create a company, Make proposal, Voting on the Proposal, Proposal Execution, Claim Dividends.- CREATE AND MANAGE FRACTIONAL ILLIQUID REAL-WORLD ASSETSCryptoAssetBox enable the creation, deployment, management of blockchain based fractional assets where several unrelated parties improve liquidity and mitigate the risk of ownership of high-value tangible assets.- EMBEDDING UNDER OWN BRANDINGEmbed all the CryptoAssetBox Assets directly in your websites with your own branding and domain.- MANAGE PRIVATE SECURITIES/VARIOUS CRYPTO ASSETSThrough an easy to use platform, users can create, deploy, manage Utility tokens, Security tokens, or other various Crypto-Centric assets.- COMPLIANCE AND REGULATORY SUPPORTA full suite of integrated KYC/User Identity verification, anti-fraud, E-Signature and multi-regional tools limit tradability based on various jurisdiction and legal requirements.




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