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You want to get involved with cryptocurrency, blockchain, right? How can you invest with some sense of fundamentals? What’s real value in crypto? Do you trade or stay in for the long term growth? BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, or…?7 years experience in most things makes me a rank amateur. In crypto time – I’m ancient, and smelly from cheap booze in extremely expensive hotel bars around the world. I was hand building mining servers for hosting racks where the least expensive electricity is (to maximize profits) – in 2011. I was begging people to buy BTC then, and some did. More didn’t and call me all the time with their regrets.Now, I’ve built and launched XX coins, founded www.crypto-currency.org and… You want to run your ideas and questions past me, right? Your ideas may be good, or really, really bad. Your questions have answers.I’m not saying I have them, but I’m open to having a conversation with you, and thinking about it together. If you value experience, scars on my hands knowledge… …and are willing to pay for it –> let’s talk. An affluent man once said, “If you’re good at something, never do it for free.”If only you could talk with someone who really understands what’s going on. Someone who personally and professionally “gets” what all of this hype is and will help you be more authoritative and knowledgeable.Is Bitcoin really the new economy? What is a block chain? Why does it matter?Which of the thousands of ‘alt coins’ are real? How does all of this really work? Can you start your own coin? Yes, you can create your own currency. Why would you? How?What the ‘new fundamentals’ are to this type of investing? Where should you position your next enterprise, product or brand?What’s important to you, and exponential with this new technology?From having built online, monthly audiences of 50 million people + in 2003, to now launching successive multi-million dollar ICOs, building, funding and operating new ‘coins’ and recently, launching www.crypto-currency.net and www.cyptoconversations.community, a few experiences and relationships may be useful or helpful to you on your journey with cryptocurrencies and the blockchain.Paul is a world-traveler, serial-entrepreneur, expatriate and digital nomad, currently living in Seoul, South Korea, with clients and businesses in South Africa, North America and beyond. For conversations beyond him alone, a crypto council can be convened, with multi-disciplinary team members to envision, build or operate Escape all the noise, ignore the hype and cut through the fluff. Decide what you want to know, what you’re thinking about, or dreaming about building, and let’s have a conversation about cryptocurrency.Schedule our private conversation here – http://clarify.fm/cryptoconversations




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