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The Crypto Working Group (CWG) is a network of trusted market participants in the global cryptocurrency community. We create standards for ICO’s, exchanges and custody, advancing the flow of institutional capital into crypto-currency. The CWG focuses on three major pillars; disclosure standards and best practices, education for governments and corporations, and community development. The CWG believes that with clear, and responsible standards in place, an orderly and sustainable market with thrive.Members of the CWG include former regulators from the SEC, FED, FDIC, founders of leading ICO�s, top crypto advisors, law firms, accounting firms and executives from leading financial institutions. The mission of the CWG is to develop the framework in which, we can advance the flow of institutional capital into this emerging market and to to protect market participants. In this role, the CWG will focus on three major pillars: �Best Practices: Producing �whitepapers� with market standards, disclosures and digital content for key aspects of the market, including token issuance, exchanges and custody.�Education: The CWG works with governments and corporations to help educate and enhance best practices for participation. �Community: Developing a thriving community of crypto-insiders, fiat financial services professionals, and social impact groups dedicated to building a healthy global industry. Within the CWG, all members are asked to contribute and take one action each quarter help the community. The CWG membership is creating a series of best practices, which will be voted on by the entire CWG to achieve consensus and published for distribution to participating regulatory agencies and market participants. The CWG strives to operate across local, national, and international regulatory domains.




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