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About Us

CryptoCompare is the independent global cryptocurrency market data provider, giving institutional and retail investors access to real-time, high-quality, reliable market and pricing data. A central authority for clear and concise information, CryptoCompare offers unrivaled breadth, scope and depth of data, bridging the gap between the crypto asset and traditional financial markets.By aggregating and analysing tick data from globally recognised exchanges, and seamlessly integrating different datasets in the cryptocurrency price, CryptoCompare provides a comprehensive, holistic overview of the market. At a granular level, CryptoCompare produces: cryptocurrency trade data, order book data, blockchain and historical data, social data, reports and a suite of cryptocurrency indices.Acting as a gatekeeper for accurate and clean data that can be trusted as the basis for alpha-generating investment decisions, CryptoCompare adheres to the most rigorous standards to safeguard data integrity, normalising global data sources to ensure consistency and confidence in the market. The CryptoCompare community is central to what we do, drawing from more than 880,000 users who discuss and share knowledge via our forums and reviews, interact with each other to discuss market trends, peer review wallets, exchanges and mining solutions. We provide an extensive series of cryptocurrency guides to keep members informed about critical or trending topics, enabling investors to make the best trading decisions. Our partnersCryptoCompare has entered into a number of strategic partnerships to bring real-time, accurate market data to trading professionals and investors, allowing them to identify specific buy and sell opportunities, expand their digital asset portfolios and make better investment decisions.CryptoCompare’s data feeds are trusted by institutions such as VanEck, Thomson Reuters and Yahoo Finance and are widely referenced by global publications.




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