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Over the last decade, the average price per cup of coffee has nearly doubled and varied in different regions. There�s a growing disconnect between the expectation of exceptional coffee and what it takes to deliver. In the same way that western consumers have become increasingly insulated from the disturbing cost of foods and beverages, most people just don�t know how coffee are traded and imported from poor Africa farms � or the complex variables at play getting it farm to cup. As the larger commercial enterprises continue to tout fair trade certifications as the end-all-be-all, it�s critical to look further to truly understand best practice in the progressively volatile world of specialty coffee.The economic role of coffee in today�s global market is second only to petroleum. That makes it an essential commodity on an international scale. Subject to the practical realities of bureaucracy, corruption, propaganda, and excessive regulation, coffee is one of the most controlled products on the planet. Here�s the bottom line: local crop-yields and subsequent prices relentlessly fluctuate with hundreds of complex variables, including: climate conditions, political unrest, workers� conditions, free and fair-trade considerations, habitat conservation, the international certification process, and market demand. Price only tells a small portion of the story, but it reflects these highly turbulent conditions.At Cryptocurrency and Commodity Solutions (CCS), we rely on advanced technologies and seamless applications, committed to providing the world�s first decentralized ecosystem � directly connecting farmers, importers, roasters, retailers and consumers. Our ecosystem includes: Crypto N� Kafe (CNK) token, CNK Token Wallet, CNK Token Exchange, CNK B2B E-Commerce, CNK Crypto-Out Card, and CNK Coffee Retails Software. As blockchain and smart contract enthusiasts, we understand that it is our obligation to start with a responsibly developed system � and we also understand the realities of the industry. We know that just because a farmer doesn�t have a decent knowledge of such breakthrough technologies, doesn�t mean they have to bear the unfair trade imposed by smart traders. We understand that just because the trading process displays much complications and remnants, doesn�t necessarily mean that small farmers should be deceived into low price and insufficient financial support. We use CNK Ecosystem that uncompromisingly scrutinize every aspect of production, farm to cup, in order to bring end-consumers the very best coffee available. It�s a relationship built on trust, proven-reliability and welfare.At CCS, we understand that some of our patrons appreciate a great cup of coffee � no matter the cost. We also know that our customers have a choice. For those who share our notion that promoting healthy trade and sufficient income for poor African farmers is an ethical imperative, we invite you to enjoy the world�s decentralized coffee ecosystem, enable seamless coffee trade for farmers, importers, roasters, retailers and consumers to reshape the African coffee industry.




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