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Digital asset, market maker providing daily liquidity of 380 BTC per click, 10,000 BTC a day to buyers or sellers. I work with crypto hedge funds, OTC desks, exchanges, banks, asset managers, and high net worth individuals looking for an institutional trading platform with 30-75% less fees than typical exchanges, instant liquidity, a secure daily settlement process, and ease of use. Stephanie Nickolich aka �The Millionista Mentor� has been featured in Fast Magazine and was voted in Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the top female entrepreneurs to watch out for in 2017. She is a world renowned sales and marketing strategist known to create 7-figure marketing strategies, growth and long term sustainable success plans. She’s successfully served over 5000 clients in more than 23 countries over the last few years and she has made herself known in the tech, startup and blockchain communities as one of the first female pioneers in the space. Never one to blend in, Stephanie first made heads turn in Corporate America building over a million dollar business in just one year’s time. Be sure to follow her latest moves at: www.StephanieNickolich.com and the CryptoSquad flourishing Facebook group with more than 21,000 other blockchain pioneers!




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