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About Us

What is CryptoMondays? CryptoMondays is a nonprofit decentralized meetup group with over 9,000 international members in 30 cities including NYC, LA, London, Dubai, Paris, Shanghai etc. and across 8 countries. CryptoMondays Chengdu will bring people together who are passionate about Blockchain technology and Crypto while sharing their views, networking, learning and having a blast. We’ll drink, we’ll laugh, we’ll learn, we’ll have fun, whilst making real connections and advancing the state of the industry. Format? Typically, the format will surround one or two short 5 min project presentations maximum, followed by an hour long, open panel of 3 to 4 guests discussing a particular topic that will be 25% led by two moderators and 75% led by questions from the attendees. The objective is to have mass participation in sharing ideas and concepts while also allowing projects to present themselves through their answers. Who can participate? Anyone and everyone! As this is a decentralized meetup anyone is able to create and schedule a meetup and participate, we are mainly providing a platform to have conversations and network and share ideas and help facilitate. Have a topic you want to discuss, let us know and we will find appropriate projects or thought leaders to speak. Have a project you want to present, let us know, will find supporting projects to fill in and have an evening of discussion. How to get involved? All attendees will need to register for each individual event through HuoDongXing and can stay up to date by scanning the WeChat QR code in the banner and feel free to reach out to any of the Co-organizers through Meetup.com, HuoDongXing or WeChat.




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