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Charity missionThe wrong policies of governments have led to war and insecurity in the Middle East. Children of the main victims of these wars !!!! Ask for these statistics !!!This is a disaster for children who grow in war and bombs and lose family members at any moment.Daniel�s charity plans to support 10,000 orphans and homeless children at 5 centers in the first phase of the Paradise project. We have a school, a dormitory, a sports club and a hospital in the Paradise project to train warrior children. We teach a generation that hates terrorism and seeks global peace.Over the past 15 years, $ 20 trillion has been spent on war in AfghanistanWe can educate a generation that hates the terrorists and promotes peace and resistance to terrorism, and it can be concluded that these costs of war can be spent on happiness and prosperity and creating global progress.of course we can We can make the world a good place to live with your helpGreat Paradise Projectchildren in the Middle East, since they were born, had war, terror and fear with them, these children would seek a dark future for themselves and for others if they were not protected. The Big Paradise project aims to provide a bright future for war-torn children, orphans and the sick who do not have any support. This goal is usually supported by all children, regardless of religion, race, race, gender, or gender. Many governments support terrorism and do not support us and are enemies of children. They encourage children to join terrorist groups. But Danial�s charity has prevented the project from paradise. Our charity uses Bitcoin to get your help because it has more security. We need your help in achieving the goal.




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