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DigitalBank (DGBK Ltd)

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Z: Scam?

Coney Drive 1 , 500 , Belize City, Belize, BZ,  BZ
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About Us

We are developing the most secured and anonymous Blockchain Bank in the World. 100% impenetrable, hacking free platform for managing safely your Crypto & Financial assets. We are the Fort Knox of Cryptocurrency and Financial Assets Transfers. We are creating an advanced and sophisticated hardware wallet for Cryptocurrencies that is 100% hacking proof, because it is based on advanced biometrical security measures like face , voice and fingertips recognition ( and more ) , this account’s entry system will guarantee also your lifetime access , also if you lost the hardware wallet . The DigitalBank is a 100% Anonymous Offshore E-Banking System for cryptocurrency . This is not only a super secured hardware wallet just for crypto storage , but if includes also a full financial crypto managing platform , that you let you buy, sell, trade , invest and transform in cash your cryptocurrency holdings . The DigitalBank Technology will bring the final solution to the public who needs to secure his digital assets and be able to manage them easily on a simple interface. It will bring a solution to banks that will be able to offer ultra secured cryptocurrency storage combined with Crypto management tools. It will supply a fully secured cryptocurrency custody solution to large investment firms and institutional investors. It will supply the insurance companies with a huge new potential business of insuring cryptocurrency holdings of their clients. DigitalBank Encryption Technology : today the most urgent issue to solve is security in the Bitcoin and Crypto industry . The DigitalBank as a full banking platform on the Blockchain is developing the most advanced , secured and sophisticated system for Bitcoin and Crypto transactions . This will be a 100% hacking proof guaranteed platform .




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