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About Us

At DissentWatch you’ll be able to find the web’s most censored news, updated in real time, powered by cryptocurrency payments to promote content and decentralized interactions with content via the Nostr network.


1. We promote banned news regardless of political affiliation.

News aggregators are a dime a dozen, so what makes ours different?

We have never seen a news aggregator that wasn’t a collection of the site owner’s personal bias. “Here is what I think is important and what I want to support!” Regardless of intention, these sites can quickly term into lame echo chambers. DissentWatch aggregates media for being censored. Whether we like it or not, agree with it or not, if it gets censored we stick up on the site. For that reason you will often find contradictory content here, or content that offends your sensabilities. GOOD! That’s what we’re here for.

Collecting censored-only media creates a situation where we get things put in front of our faces that we might otherwise have avoided, and *hopefully* gets you, the Magnificent Reader, the avoid falling into an echo chamber yourself.

At the moment, due to the ever-changing political winds, the “right” is getting censored now more thant the “left”, so you will find more right-leaning content on the site. However, the moment those winds change and the “left” begins to feel the brunt of censorship, rest assured those outlets will start to populate the site as well.

Press TV, for example, is likely a bunch of Iranian state propaganda. Maybe that’s good, maybe that’s bad. Hell, maybe we agree with it and maybe we don’t. But if you don’t like it and you want it off our site, there is only one way to do it: stop having it censored from the public square. If it’s banned, it has a place at DissentWatch.

2. We don’t need (or want) any of your personal information to interact with our support our site.

There are two ways to interact with our site: leave comments or promote articles with bitcoin.

Leaving comments has been incorporated using the decentralized protocol NOSTR, a social media platform that only requires creating a private key in order to interact with. We don’t need your name, email address, a login, password, or government-issued ID to participate here. The only way we could get some kind of idea who is using our site is using Google Analytics, but you should be a step ahead of the game and using a VPN, anyway.

Probably the coolest feature about DissentWatch is that anyone can promote a specific article to the featured news section. Again, without an account, a login, a password–NOTHING–you can pay to promote any article on our site by clicking on the three dots next to the article and scrolling down until you find the BTC address or QR code. Sending some bitcoin to this address will promote the article to the featured news section, which will stay there until the funds are used up at $0.02 per click. The featured news is available on the top of our site and goes out to our social media twice per day.

Point being: the entire site is set up to for you to interact with it completely anonomously, and the only way we get any money is by promoting an article.

That actually brings up a third point important point: advertising.

Advertising in media is stupid and is contradictory to the concept of media to begin with. It’s no secret that advertisers control media through their ad dollars. Even if the advertising company isn’t conspiring to control a media outlet, the outlet still needs to make decisions to benefit their advertisers, meaning any decisions to benefit their readers or viewers become secondary.

You won’t see any advertising on our site (except for ourselves. Executive privilege!), so you never need to fear advertising money guiding our decisions.

In all, DissentWatch’s uniqueness is setting up the fundamentals correctly from the get-go so we don’t fall into the trap of other media aggregators and become contradictory to our original position: promoting censored media!



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