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7 Kenneth Road, Melbourne, Australia, 3153,  3153
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About Us

Simon Smith – Truly a proven master in Cyber Security with real cases, real people, and real experience to back it up. He has 12 Post Grad Certs/Dips and is a Senior Software & Security Engineer with 21yrs+ Industry Experience. He develops Enterprise Solutions, and is known as eVestigator�. He is a Maven Forensic Investigator PI, Social Media Intelligence Expert, Social Engineer, NAM, DRP, ITIL�, CBP�, Expert Witness with many more Industry Certs.There is not an IT/Cyber/Security job that he has not mastered. He is an Entrepreneur, Counter Intelligence Expert and PI. He is known for his skills solving High-tech cold cases, and has been asked to assist international Police Forces.He is a true Cybercrime expert with crafted techniques developed throgh experience. He consults in cases about the Dark Web, Blockchain and Cryptography, is an IT Master, holds experience in all SDLC areas and many industries such as CRM/GEO-IP/Pharma/Medico-Legal, has created Custom API, Manufacturing, Enterprise and in-house desktop software. When not in R&D, he consults and audits in Cybersecurity, Programming, Expert Evidence, Investigations & more. He has been labelled by SecurityNow�s Ken Hess as perhaps the �World’s Best Investigator�.He grew up programming at 11yo, in VCE ranked #1 in Australia in ITSM, almost directly started as an Analyst Programmer (including all roles in the SDLC). At night he lectured at Uni, and then developed enterprise software abroad.He is an ADRP, NAM and Mentor. Featured on SBS, Sky, Today, ABC, A Current Affair, The Project, radio, print and online, he is a Fraud Examiner, Workplace Investigator/Advocate, Computer/Mobile Forensics Industry Advocate.He is a Master Programmer, C-Level Educator, with numerous accredited AQF Advanced Certificates and Diploma’s beyond the scope of IT.”Thanks Simon. I really enjoy all of your articles and the contribution you make on LinkedIn””Seen your work and in my opinion you are a genius.. don’t give up”




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