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About Us

Story of facebit.networkSince we met with Facebook, our understanding of social network has changed. Our cyber faces are an alternative life for us. Now, every connection is moving to Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Linkedin, vk etc. So, if you haven’t got face you aren’t part of new-generation social life. facebit.network was born at this point. Now, you can easily support your ideas, dreams or groups on Facebook or Linkedin with your social network connections and Facebit Coin. All you need for using our system is a Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Google Plus account. Simply log in and start a new social or business project, then fund it with your social connections! All funds keep in our escrow system, if you cancel your project all funds will be returned to funders. That’s easy and safe.About facebit coin;Facebit Coin (FBN) developed based on Bitcoin. But, Facebit’s algorithm is SCRIPT as a proof-of-work like Litecoin. So, everybody can mine Facebit easily on their stuff like mobile phones or tablets etc. Total Facebit Coin (FBN) supply is 10 Billions coins (Bitcoin’s total supply is 21.000.000 coins) and everyone can create smart-contract on Facebit.Network (also, every facebit based budget project is kind of smart contract). Our mission: Creating most profitable coin! Facebit has a dream about all poor people: Facebit Coin will be kind of solution for people who lives in countries where it is difficult to find job and / or reach the money. That’s why we developed Facebit Coin for mobile platforms (cell phones and tablets). Also people can use Android netbooks for mining, too. Our vission: Developing real money via crypto-currency! We inspired by Bitcoin. But Bitcoin could not be real money in economy. Now, Bitcoin is one of investment instruments in market, like other alt-coins. Our opinion, Bitcoin is the previous step in the evolution of money. And we are presenting to you last step of money evolution: Facebit Coin.




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