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SMART CONTRACTSSmart Contracts are self-executing codes that give you the security of Blockchain Technology and empowers you to store your contract terms in digital format securely.DAPPSDecentralized applications are the next step in digital application software evolution. We will build your app connected to the Blockchain.YOUR CRYPTOCURRENCYCoins are built on the same open-source platform as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash…but with code changes that give them unique sets of features. Let’s create your own!PRODUCT DEVELOPMENTWe will help you not just coding but create an amazing product for your clients, thanks to our more 30y accumulated product development expertise.MORE THAN 20 YEARS EXPERIENCEWe are an experienced team that had been working together on several projects. We are used to develop digital solutions such as SaaS, Web and Mobile Applications and APIs. Now, we are focused on Blockchain Technology because of his powers. This is the new world-class changing Technology for the coming days. Let’s be part of it.+10 STARTUPSAll together, we have built more than 10 startups. So, we know how Lean, MVP and Product Development works.CODERSAll team members have a technical background, we have coded since 1999 and learned every new tech (C++, Java, .Net, PHP, mysql, mongodb, NodeJS, Javascript, and all the new frameworks). Now, we are focusing in Ethereum, Solidity + Web3. Let’s rock and roll!BUSINESS CONSULTANCYWe like to full understand our customers in order to see best strategy to develop the product depending on business needs. This is what we had been doing with our startup projects. We’ll do the same with yours.




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