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How it works

You share our links and we will pay you 20% of our customer’s monthly net subscriptions for 36 months after they sign-up using one of your approved referral methods. (Tracking cookies last 30 days). We payout by PayPal when your referral earnings reach £50.

We offer a wide variety of services for affiliates including, coupon offers, personalised landing pages, membership directories, event directories and forum software.

Our affiliate programme is open to crypto-focused organisations including,

  • Conference Organisers
  • Trade Associations
  • Marketing businesses
  • Crypto-bloggers
  • etc.

We strongly recommend that you include us in your weekly marketing to ensure you retain your existing customers and to get new customers before they are “poached” by other affiliates.

Simple Examples

These simple examples show how affiliates can see a large return on investment.

A Mailing List Owner sells 1 plan a month

A mailing list owner add CryptoStar to their regular marketing. They sell 1 Gold Plan per month to new members. After 36 months their income will be £2700 per month.

A Conference Organiser sell 10 plans

A conference organiser would like to increase the visibility of his conference and provide a high quality show guide for delegates. To do this he offers every customer a free trial of the Gold Plan 30 days before the show. After the conference 10 customers choose not to cancel their plan.

Your monthly income would be ~£750 and your total income from recurrent commissions would be ~£5300.

A Trade Association sells 1 plan a month

A trade association wants to increase the quality of their member directory and the visibility of their association. They sell 1 Gold Plan per month to new members. After 36 months their income will be £540 per month.

How we help you make money

We make being an affiliate easy.

  • You will receive commission for users who click your affiliate links in tweets, blog posts, news articles and email footers.
  • You can register your website or blog with us and receive commission for every customer you send to us from your website.
  • Professional Bodies/Businesses
    • We give you a free gold listing worth £75 per  month
    • You will have a home page in our system and will receive commission for every customer you send to that page


Being an affiliate is very low risk. You are simply being paid for making introductions and adding us to your existing marketing programme.

Got questions?

If you have have any questions just mail support@cryptostar.money and we will be pleased to help.

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