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Google, Bing and Facebook prohibit many adverts related to crypto-currencies so purchase a listing on CryptoStar to drive more customers to your site.

Boost your SEO and increase conversions by publishing user reviews and GoogleBot Review Schema on your website (66% cheaper than TrustPilot).


£9.99per month
£9.99per month
  • Build SEO with a Rich Profile
  • FREE Widgets for Your Website

    "Review us on CryptoStar"

    "See our reviews on CryptoStar"


£49.99per month
£49.99per month
  • Build Trust with a Rich Profile
  • CryptoStar Widgets for Your Website

    "Review us on CryptoStar"

    "See our reviews on CryptoStar"

  • High Value Widgets for Your Website

    Increase conversions by showing recent reviews

    Boost SEO with GoogleBot Review Schema

  • Manage Customer Reviews


£74.99per month
£74.99per month
  • Build Trust with a Rich Profile
  • CryptoStar Widgets for Your Website

    "Review us on CryptoStar"

    "See our reviews on CryptoStar"

  • High Value Widgets for Your Website

    Increase conversions by showing recent reviews

    Boost SEO with GoogleBot Review Schema

  • Manage Customer Reviews
  • Manage Your Customers Using the Net Points System


Why should I advertise on CryptoStar?

Customers like to be able easily compare services. That’s why all the furniture stores are in the same part of town – clustering increases sales for everyone. Your Bronze Plan helps you build trust with your potential customers. It has many features that make you stand out from crowd.

Your enhanced search listing includes; bold fonts, your company slogan, Unique Selling Point and a link to your Full Profile. Prominent buttons make it easy for the customer to browse to your website or contact you using a contact form that collects the information that you need.

Your Full Profile has  the sections “About Us”, “Description” , Map, Photos and Reviews. Photos of your staff, offices and product can be a great way to build trust with a potential customer. You can see our own listing here.

We provide “Review Us on CryptoStar” and “See our reviews on CryptoStar” widgets.

Why should I collect customer reviews?

Our Silver and Gold plans help you make your customers into your sales force by their publishing words on your website. Get more enquiries and sales by building trust with your visitors.

Amazon.com dominates online retailing and TripAdviser dominates travel planning. A major reason for this is the number and quality of their reviews. Most customers will check a supplier’s reviews before making a major purchase. Companies that don’t collect and publish reviews on their website make fewer sales.

Why do I need a review service like CryptoStar or TrustPilot - can't I just do it myself?

Yes you can. Lot’s of businesses will collect a few reviews (or make them up) and publish them on their website. Unfortunately it won’t help very much with conversions or deliver any SEO credit.

Customers prefer to see a large number of recent reviews collected by a third party. For these reviews to be visible to search engines and generate SEO credit you must also publish these recent reviews in Schema.org review format.

We recommend that you integrate review collection into your daily or weekly marketing processes. Review services help automate that process.

Why are you 3x cheaper than TrustPilot?

We are start-up and we know that we have to work harder and be cheaper to get your custom. Our prices will go up in future but if you buy now then you will keep the low rate for as long as you are with us. You can check out TrustPilot’s plans and pricing here .

Why are your cancellation fees £1500 cheaper than TrustPilot?

We have a monthly plan and no cancellation fee but TrustPilot locks you in for 1 year. If you try our service for 3 months and then cancel you will save over £1500.

You can check out TrustPilot’s plans and pricing here .

How are stars shown on reviews and the CryptoScore calculated?

CryptoStar reviews are an open source implementation of the NPS® system which was designed drive continuous improvement within a company. We have embraced and extended it to provide measures suitable for a public website.

A review which gives an NPS score of 9 or 10 will be rated 5*.

The CryptoScore is an exponential moving average of all your reviews and a six month old review contributes about half as much to your score as new one. To prevent wild oscillations when you start collecting reviews your initial score is anchored around 7 and and it will tend to your correct value as you collect more reviews.

Will I really make more sales - can I cancel?

In the early days of the review industry customers would run A/B tests with-and-without user reviews on their website. Companies like CryptoStar and TrustPilot only exist because most customers see increased sales.

So for most businesses “Yes – you will make more sales” but;

It takes time and effort to collect reviews and we recommend that you integrate review management into your customer service processes. Getting the first few might be tough but you will soon have got a slick operation.

If you do find that collecting reviews is not for you then you can cancel our monthly plan at any time.

How do I manage reviews?

The Silver and Gold plans allow you to invite reviews from your customers and respond to reviews posted on CryptoStar. We provide “widgets” that make make it very easy for you to publish these reviews on your own website and drive up sales. We also publish your reviews in Schema.org micro-data format; this is not visible on the page but Google and Bing may give you SEO credit use this data in their search results (“Star Snippets”).

A key feature of the Gold plan is that “Detractors” who would leave bad reviews are prompted to contact you before the review is published.

What is the Net Point Score™ system and why do I need it? (Gold plan)

Our Net Point Score system is an open-source clone of the Net Promoter System®.

We have not licensed the NPS trademark from its owners and its use on this website is for comparative purposes only.

Every business needs a system to measure customer satisfaction. In a small business this might the CEO phoning  customers and asking them their opinion but this cannot scale as the number of customers and transactions goes up.

The Net Promoter Score system is now the gold standard for managing your “word of mouth” reputation. Even if you don’t recognise the acronym NPS you will recognise the NPS questions,

  • On a scale of 0 to 10 how likely are you to recommend {business name} to a friend or colleague?
  • What is the primary reason for your score?

Customers are divided into three groups by score,

  • 9, 10: Promoters – they recommend you
  • 7,8: Passive – if asked they will say you are OK
  • 0-6: Detractors – they will tell everyone they meet how bad you are

You want to have more Promoters than Detractors so your NPS Score = Promoters% – Detractors%

Our Gold plan gives you an opportunity to turn Detractors into Promoters. If they give you a score of 0-6 they are asked if they would like you to help solve their problem before the review is published.

We have more information about the NPS system here.

Can I remove unfavourable reviews?

You can challenge fake reviews but in common with other review sites like TrustPilot we do not allow you to remove unfavourable reviews from real customers. Your customers are going to talk, write and tweet about your services using social media. CryptoStar is simply another way to do that and exercise their freedom of speech within the law (see FAQ about abusive reviews).

Our Silver and Gold plans allow you to respond to manage and respond to customer reviews.

How you you manage abusive reviews?

Examples of abuse include without limitation,

  • derogatory and inflammatory language directed at a person or company
  • fake reviews

Any website user may report abuse and we will investigate and remove the offending review.

Most abusive reviews arise from a lack of effective communication between the reviewer and the supplier. Our Gold plan asks users to contact you “one last time” before posting a negative review.

Can I correct a listing without buying a plan?

Yes. We will remove inaccurate information from unclaimed listings and make other changes required by GDPR.   Simply click “Report Abuse” on the Company Profile page.

What are the limitations of your service? (No financial promotions)

Here at CryptoStar we are ordinary people who love crypto and want to work with the authorities to help the UK develop a safe and regulated market.

Our terms and conditions allow us to terminate your service if in our opinion,

  • your listing induces unqualified investors to make investments in an ICO or similar financial promotion or
  • you are offering services that are not compliant with the regulatory regime to which you and/or we are subject or
  • continuing to deal with you might damage our reputation in the crypto industry or
  • damage our exposure on search engines or
  • expose us to regulatory action or
  • directly or indirectly support money laundering or
  • anything else that frightens us

For example, if your business is making an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) it is fine to advertise your business but your listing may not directly promote investment by unqualified investor. So a listing that said “TravelCoinEx – The way the world pays for travel” would be OK, one that said “TravelCoinEx – buy coins now” would not. This example is only indicative and our decisions may be different on the day.

So if you don’t share our goal of building a compliant crypto-industry please don’t advertise with us.

I have a pre-sales question how can I contact you?

Just email support@cryptostar.money. If you include your telephone number we will call you back.

Do you have an affiliate programme?

Yes. You can apply here.

I want additional features - can you help?

Yes, our development is driven by our customers. Check out our Enterprise Plan below.

I have another question - how do I contact you?

We would love to hear from you. Just email support@cryptostar.money and we will get straight back to you.

Learn more about our plans

Crypto is a young industry and although there are companies staffed with marketing professionals there are also many where the founders do everything themselves. Our products provide a sensible progression of features and costs:

  • Creating a Bronze Plan gives you a listing that will help you define your offer to customers and improve your internet presence.
  • The Silver Plan allows you to invite reviews and respond to reviews on the site.
  • The Gold  plan gives you an open source implementation of the Net Promoter System® used by top companies such as American Express, Charles Schwab and Vanguard.

You might be a small company but that does not mean you have to start with a Bronze Plan – we strongly believe NPS’ relentless focus on customer service dramatically cuts management costs in all parts of your business not just customer support and sales.

Our Bronze plan gives you the opportunity to present your business in the best light against your competitors.  The CryptoStar reader wants to know,

  • What services do you offer?
  • Why they should trust you?
  • Why you are better that your competitors on the site?

The screenshots below show how you can answer these questions and win more sales.

How it works

Creating your Premium Profile typically takes about 20 minutes.

You will already have most of the information that you need for your Premium Profile on your website and you copy and paste it into our form. Don’t worry if you don’t have all the information because we will make sure that your listing still looks great and you can add it later. We suggest that you create a profile and then see what it looks like on the site and in search results compared to other companies. You can then tweak it until you are happy.

Move your marketing to the next level

Upgrade to Silver Reviews to be able to invite and respond to reviews.

Our Silver plan includes all the features of our Premium Listing and adds the ability to request and respond to customer reviews. Our widgets help you publish recent reviews on your website to increase conversions and gain SEO credit.

Happy customers are the best sales force (and cheap!)

We all know that the most important factor when buying a service is a recommendation from a friend.  This is at the heart of modern marketing strategies  collecting and managing customer reviews is the foundation upon which a businesses’ reputation is built.

Benefits of our Silver Plan include,

  • Reduced sales costs
  • Increased your credibility with potential customers
  • Collecting testimonials and pull-quotes for your website
  • Providing leads for case studies
  • Providing the ability to recruit advocates and evangelists from your customers
  • SEO credit from publishing reviews in schema.org format for search engines.

Customer reviews are also a important way to improve the effectiveness of your customer service organisation by,

  • Exposing challenges in your customer service operations
  • Encouraging prompt and effective responses

Our Silver Plan uses standard 5 star reviews  and you can reply to customers after they have published a review.

How the Silver Plan works

You can begin collecting reviews as soon as you purchase the plan.

Move your marketing to the next level

Upgrade to Gold Reviews with NPS to catch unhappy customers before they damage your reputation.

The Net Promoter System® is the gold standard for customer service management and is used by companies such as American Express, Charles Schwab and Vanguard. CryptoStar uses our own open-source implementation of NPS called Net Points Score™.

Every review on Cryptostar.money uses the NPS format.

Each review is published a “star rating” and contributes to your overall CryptoScore.

The Net Promoter System takes this a step further; years of research have shown that the NPS score can reliably predict a customer’s behaviour and we divide our customers into three categories that we treat differently.

 Promoters (9,10)

They will tell their friends that you are great.

Thank them for their review to show that you value them.

Passives (7,8)

If a friend asks for a recommendation they will say you are “OK”.

Try to turn them into a Promoter by showing that you have listened to them.

Detractors (0-6)

They will be telling their friends how bad you are.

If you made a mistake sort it out now and then make your response. If they are a bad customer, be polite but firm in your response so that your prospective customers will see that you are good person to do business with.

We also provide the possibility solve customer problems before they publish an negative review. If they give 6 or less, we prompt them to request that you contact them.

Move your marketing to the next level

Upgrade to Enterprise to get custom integration and reports.

We know that every business is different and has different needs. If you need help automating your review requests or want additional features or reports then please contact us. We can’t give a fixed price quote online but we are confident that we can work together to find a cost effective solution. In some cases we may already be developing a feature and we may be able to give you early access free of charge.

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