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Buy inexpensive backlinks from the #1 Crypto Directory. Buy a listing to build trust in your brand and improve your SEO with do_follow links from us to your site. Boost your SEO presence by listing with thousands of other crypto businesses.

New business? Google, Bing and Facebook prohibit many adverts related to crypto-currencies so purchase a listing on CryptoStar to get your name out there.

Have content about crypto that you want to publish? Click contact us below.

Directory Listing (Bronze)

£40per year (cancel at any time)
£40per year (cancel at any time)
  • Build SEO with a Rich Profile Containg contextual backlinks.
  • Each listing comes with its own profile page. Use this for your content marketing by describing and linking to your products and services.
  • Your listing will appear in multiple categories and with similar vendors - boosting SEO.

Content Marketing Service

£70per year (cancel at any time)
£70per year (cancel at any time)
  • We can offer both category sponsorship (e.g. "Wallets") and blog posts. You provide the content and we will put it into our house style and publish it with do_follow links.
  • Your content will be appearing on a dedicated crypto site.

If you are an SEO consultant, Trade Association Manager or Event Manager or similar who can deliver us multiple customers then you can earn a recurrent income. – Become an affiliate and make money


Why should I get a listing on CryptoStar?

CryptoStar is the #1 Crypto Directory.

Your  search listing includes; a backlink to your website,  our company slogan, Unique Selling Point and a link to your Full Profile which can contain multiple links to your website. Prominent buttons make it easy for the customer to browse to your website or contact you using a contact form that collects the information that you need.

Your Full Profile has  the sections “About Us”, “Description” , Map, Photos and Reviews. Photos of your staff, offices and product can be a great way to build trust with a potential customer. You can see our own listing here.

Why should should I publish an article on CryptoStar.money?

CryptoStar is the #1 Crypto Directory.

Content marketing is a valued part of SEO. By publishing your article on CryptoStar.money you can demonstrate your thought leadership while providing contextual backlinks to your products and services. Simply give us the content and we will do the rest.

Do you have an affiliate programme?

Yes. You can apply here.

I want additional features - can you help?

Yes, our development is driven by our customers, just contact support@cryptostar.money.

I have another question - how do I contact you?

We would love to hear from you. Just email support@cryptostar.money and we will get straight back to you.

Learn more about our plans

Crypto is a young industry and although there are companies staffed with marketing professionals there are also many where the founders do everything themselves. Our products provide a sensible progression of features and costs:

  • Creating a Bronze Plan gives you a listing that will help you define your offer to customers and improve your internet presence.

Our Bronze plan gives you the opportunity to present your business in the best light against your competitors.  The CryptoStar reader wants to know,

  • What services do you offer?
  • Why they should trust you?
  • Why you are better that your competitors on the site?

The screenshots below show how you can answer these questions and win more sales.

How it works

Creating your Premium Profile typically takes about 10 minutes.

You will already have most of the information that you need on your website and you can simply copy and paste it into our form.

Don’t worry if you don’t have all the information because we will make sure that your listing still looks great and you can add it later.

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