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About Us


Cryptocurrency and blockchain is an exciting new industry and there are many good businesses working to deliver great products. Unfortunately, there are too many frauds and snake-oil salesman who want to cheat their customers and investors.

We founded CRYPTOSTAR.MONEY to give businesses and individuals reliable information about cryptocurrency and blockchain businesses.

Our Values

  • We want to help honest people find reliable suppliers.
  • We are trustworthy.
  • We are compliant but we believe that excessive regulation can reduce competition and be bad for consumers.

Supporting Business to Business Commerce

Our goal is to increase the exposure of smaller cryptocurrency and blockchain businesses. This is because everyone knows that giants like Coinbase operate an exchange but great businesses with smaller marketing budgets are often overlooked. If you have a particular niche we want to learn about it and help you find your customers.

Helping Individuals Learn About Crypto

We produce detailed and technical cryptocurrency guides that help users learn about crypto and use it safely.

How We Make Money

We have traditional advertising model. That is to say, we hope that one day the income from adverts is greater than the cost of creating our content and operating the site.

How We Work with Advertisers to Produce Great Content

CRYPTOSTAR.MONEY is a big site with hundreds of categories and we can’t be expert in all of them. Our goal is to create technical content that helps readers understand the niche and to do this we need help from experts in the field. For these reasons we work closely with advertisers to produce great content.

We maintain our editorial independence at all times.

Our Team

Dr James Bayley is our Chief Editor. He has a Ph.D is Nuclear Fusion and 25 years’ experience of working in high tech industries.


CRYPTOSTAR.MONEY is a trading name of Doctor-IT Limited.

Doctor-IT Limited is registered in England with registration number 5367721 and its registered office is 5 Gordonbrock Road, London, SE4 1JA.

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