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On a global scale, IN-Code has an innovative, inert, edible, forensic marker technology platform that curbs the $1.7 Trillion illicit trade problem funding crime and terrorism globally; saving lives, improving health, enhancing stakeholder returns for large organisations and ensuring billions in tax receipts for governments across global trade.We offer global organisations a technology unrivalled, in-product, forensic marker platform, including edible ‘crypto-anchor’ markers, that enables them to revolutionise their ability to tackle illicit trade and prove sustainable sourcing.Today, illicit trade would be considered the 10th largest economy in the World and unacceptably 1 in 6 pills in Africa are fake… WE must act!!IN-Code’s proven in-product, invisible, authenticity and traceability markers can identify batch level: counterfeiting; grey market diversion; dilution; substitution; and even prove sustainable supply-chains from farm to consumer across many markets. IN-Code markers find use in pharmaceuticals (FDA/EU approved), consumer goods, food and drink, agrochemicals, bulk commodity supply, beauty and luxury products and many more.In 2018, IBM announced “Blockchains alone cannot ensure the authenticity of physical goods” and that crypto-anchors would be one of five inventions to change the world in 5 years. Our crypto-anchors are proven safe and ready for market. These are placed inside and on consumer products and liquids, and, where needed, are connected to partnering Blockchain traceability systems and packaging to provide complete transparency in the real and digital world.




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