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Kryptoblocks Corporation 180 Promenade Circle Suite 300 Sacramento CA 95834 916-790-1237 , Kryptoblocks,Corporation Amir Heights, Rehmat Nagar, Opposite Nandini Hotel ,, 
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About Us

With the emergence of new technology, various industries get transformed as their existing ecosystems become enhanced. In the contemporary times two prominent technologies that are bringing about a huge disruption in the way businesses functioned are Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. We, at Kryptoblocks, are leveraging these two technological advancements to augment our efforts towards Crypto currency, Blockchain Projects for both financial and non-financial sectors, Mobile applications, EHR (Electronic Health Records), IoT, Trade Finance and Artificial Intelligence based Facial Expression Analysis.In a world where marketplaces are being created and run online, where publishing a content in the form of audio, video or articles is within anybody�s reach, user-generated crypto currency are gaining enormous popularity. The prevalent types of currencies in circulation are either in the form of notes, equity, bonds, gift coupons or loyalty points. Tokens are a new class of asset and we at Kryptoblocks are into the business of selling digital “tokens” that can be used for investment purposes or for even purchase of goods and services on our platform. Our Start-up builds applications on Blockchain to launch ICOs (Initial Coin Offering).Smartphones have touched our lives in many ways. Can healthcare be left behind? Introducing the concept of EHR (Electronic Health Records) through which we aim to revolutionize the way health related information and records are stored and retrieved. We aspire to build a digital platform for storing health records and information which can be conveniently available to the users anytime, anywhere.Mobile Applications, is another area that we work on to bring in more efficiency in businesses, particularly in retail and healthcare sectors. We are planning to launch a universal Loyalty Program Application soon Blockchain and AI technologies are reshaping Trade Finance and global Supply Chains at a fast pace. We help you dive deeper into various platforms for provenance of data, security, transparency and flow of asset paymentsWe have plans to foray into Artificial Intelligence based facial expression analysis for helping out patients with autism and infants who are incapable of communicating their pain points. This will aid the medical professionals in better diagnosis.We are also entering the IoT space as cloud provider, as it is the natural spot that can store huge amounts of data. We wish to offer useful services to make sense of that data and gain insights from it




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