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120 Baker Street , 3rd Floor , London, England, W1U 6TU,  W1U 6TU
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About Us

Lethean is the synthesis of blockchain and VPN technology created for the new age of digital censorship and geo-restricted content. Lethean incorporates the anonymous Cryptonote blockchain to empower users to purchase VPN services through our unique market based server scheme.Our suite of privacy tools is accessible to all. The user simply needs to download the Lethean wallet and browser extension which is available on many popular browsers. The server marketplace is viewable in the wallet once the user has selected the country, speed and price of their choosing they simply click connect on the browser extension. This allows anyone from any country to access information that may be censored in their home country.Any person is able to become an exit node for traffic, selling their available internet bandwidth at a fee and speed of their choosing. This allows a unique advantage over traditional VPN services in flexibility, speed and anonymity. Furthermore, user purchases cannot be traced in the simple manner a credit card transactions can giving us a competitive advantage against traditional VPN services.Lethean has a devoted team of seven core developers with an average experience in cybersecurity of over 14 years. Together with dedicated marketing team Lethean is resolved to become the most trusted and used blockchain VPN in the world.




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