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LIFE – Simply for Everyone. LIFElabs.io is a digital currency and tokenised reward system for all. LIFElabs.io is the research and development hub responsible for LIFEtoken, LIFEwallet, LIFEcard, and LIFEPaaS – four distinct yet intrinsically linked products. LIFE was founded by a collective of tech-driven entrepreneurs who aim to bring the world of digital currency and Blockchain technology to the masses, with a firm belief that everyone and anyone can be part of the cryptocurrency revolution.LIFEtoken – digital cash, like the money in your online bank account. A consumer reward system for businesses, charities, communities, and innovation projects. It can be bought, sold, and traded like shares, or used simply to purchase items from a growing number of partner retailers.LIFEwallet – a digital wallet in the form of a mobile app for storing and sending LIFE, ETH, and BTC. The app was designed and developed with simplicity and security in mind, ensuring funds are accessible but completely secure.LIFEcard – a pre-paid debit card. It will enable card-based payments for goods and services using LIFE and other digital currencies (including Ethereum and Bitcoin).LIFEPaaS – our platform as a service for the philanthropic sector, supporting the utility of Blockchain technology to help advance their respective causes.The LIFE vision – LIFE will make a positive impact to humankind across the globe by supporting community projects and humanitarian charities to improve well-being, sustainability, education, and welfare. There are many enterprise projects for social good that are making a unique difference; LIFE plans to identify and support innovative philanthropic projects each and every year, aligning with our long-term mission and mantra.Visit us at www.lifelabs.io




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