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It�s an obvious observation but one worth making: One can�t successfully trade internationallywithout a broker that can access international markets. This is where investors turn to Liquid AF.Until the dawn of the Internet age, this was a cumbersome and expensive proposition only donemanually through a personal stock broker (or brokers). With the advent of our modern communication era, however, managing one�s portfolio has become as simple as a couple clicks of the mouse and a few types on the keyboard. But this doesn’t solve the problem of access and supply to the correct parties, government connections and ties to political figures required to source the best financial instruments. Liquid AF is a team of the best international financial asset brokers. Our team deals in 19 different markets and has access by governing state appointment to sell these countries Bitcoin, Bonds, historical bonds, currency, SKR’s, Fine Art, Diamonds, precious commodities and other redemption instruments on behalf of the country. Liquid AF is one of the few brokerage house that will charter flights and transact deals in person with their clients or the buy/sell sides opposing mandate. This is a service that has led to Liquid AF brokers being renowned for their credibility and respected for their skills and knowledge in their respective craft.




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