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We are the only Compliant ICO as a Service Platform that brings the best of the crypto, blockchain, fintech and traditional securities legal & compliance worlds. All for a flat fee. No % of assets. How are we different?1) Legal & Compliance: We only work with top brands or folks that have something to lose. Therefore, regulatory compliance is more important for our clients and us, than “get rich” schemes. We weed out bad actors and unsustainable business models focused on pump and dump schemes. 2) Unfair Advantage: As a FinTech Portfolio company, we have significant competitive advantage in that we can convert any website into a compliant crowdfunding portal leveraging the latest securities laws and our APIs for KYC, AML and Accreditation. Similarly, we have partnerships that can help you “build a crowd”. Ultimately that means access to US Capital in a compliant manner but without the 5% – 10% success fees. 3) One Stop. Flat Fee Shop: We help you contain costs and align our incentives with yours. Through our talented community of entrepreneurs and partners, we are able to maintain variable costs low. That means you don’t bleed to death on legal, marketing fees or success fees. We use the same tech involved in the successful + clean ICOs.4) Custom Service: Our service is 100% white-glove. We are the “startup” extension of your team that helps you accelerate a prototype buildout, all token-related items (e.g. white paper, translation, product marketing), legal set up and subsequent implementation of the real blockchain + product after a successful LiquidToken Sale.




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