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Liquineq� is an Ethereum-based financial platform optimized to address the flaws in the existing bank-to-bank money transaction system as well as revocation/redemption of lost or stolen tokens and the ability to easily use Liquineq tokens as fiat currency.Liquineq enables real-time, peer-to-peer value exchange and payment services across borders and other silos, and between fiat money, other asset classes, and decentralized currencies.We enable financial inclusion and partnering with banking institutions, with transparent, highly secure access available via the Liquineq fiat network. Customers can set up and fund an account with a bank using Liquineq in minutes by simply downloading the Liquineq mobile wallet. Also linked to the wallet are debit cards, allowing instant access to funds deposited with a bank. Supporting both global and local tokenization and infrastructure, Liquineq has more than 25 patents filed and the company�s blockchain is up to 5000X faster than Bitcoin and significantly faster than current Ethereum solutions. Other key facets of the Liquineq architecture include:� Local banking partner manages solution with local currency and funds held by the partner bank� Instant wallet-to-wallet transfer � locally and globally� Multiple currencies in the same wallet� End-to-End KYC coverage� Mobile-centric application with APIs and desktop support� Advanced anti-fragile security modelLiquineq�s management team and advisory board are composed of world-renowned figures in the commercial and central banking systems (U.S. Federal Reserve Bank, Visa�, Paypal�) as well as seasoned technology executives that include former members of Israel�s elite technical army unit.The company is based at Gartenstrasse 4 6300 Zug, Switzerland � learn more at www.liqueneq.ch or email info@liquineq.ch.




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