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10 Marina Blvd; Central Business District; Bangkok City, 01,  01
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About Us

MangoFast provides the full team for your projects.MangoFast provides Project Managers; Software Engineers; Experts (PhD); Business Coaches; … The full dream team!MangoFast serves financial institutions; payments; telecom; robotics and medical technology industries in APAC.Experts (PhD):�FinTech; Big Data; IoT; Blockchain & Cryptocurrency�Artificial Intelligence (AI); Machine Learning �Robotics and Medical Technology : mathematics; electronics; computer science; AI; mechatronics; nanotechnology and bioengineeringPayment Systems:�HCE Mobile Payment�Giant Pay�Card Perso�Kernel POS�EMV Migration�Security PCISoftware Development: �Methodology : Agile Scrum�.NET; Mobile; Web; PHP; Java; Python; Oracle; C; C++; C# ; JavaScript; Perl…�Mobile Apps : iPhone; Android; Blackberry; WindowsIT:�IT operations and support�IT Infrastructures : Networks; Systems; Cloud and MultimediaBanking:�Core Banking : setup new banks and migration from legacy Core Banking to Flexcube Oracle Financial Services�BI : Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition�Internet BankingProject Management and Communication:�Methodology : PMP�Project Status Reports�Budget Forecasting�P&L Management�Finance Reporting�Multi-cultural Team Management�Languages : English; Mandarin Chinese ??(??/??); Japanese ???; Spanish Espa�ol; French Fran�ais ; Thai ???????; …Business Coaching:�Generate more profit�Trade finance : how to make money trading the stock market�Sales Effectiveness�Productivity Optimization�Leadership Development �Financial AssessmentsMangoFast believes these great sayings:�”A small team of A+ players can run circles around a giant team of B and C players” – Steve Jobs��If you want to go fast; go alone. If you want to go far; go together.� – African proverb�”Be the change that you wish to see in the world” – Mahatma GandhiMangoFast is providing inspiring work across the world. If you want to achieve something extraordinary in life; and ignite the world with inspiring; then MangoFast just might be for you. If you have a passion for excellence and desire to change the world; then we would love to hear from you.MangoFast | Make the world a better place




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