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Market Network Exchange (MNX)

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247 Beach 136 Street, Belle Harbor, NY, 11694,  11694
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About Us

Market Network Exchange (MNX) is a technology company located in New York City composed of business executives, millennial innovation experts and PhD level CISSP computer scientists, offering web-based business applications, frameworks systems and consulting services. MNX offers web-based software and supports rapid prototyping and production level deployment of complex systems related to: private social networking, compliance discovery and reporting, report generation, sourcing and procurement, vendor management, demand forecasting, order management, order fulfillment, inventory management, data analytics, supply chain, export / import, manufacturing execution, and quality assurance.Solutions are tailored from our developed repositories offering fast deployment and economical technology change (server virtualization to cloud computing), application change (legacy to Java migration) and operational performance improvements. At the core of MNX technology is a customizable trade / transaction / order / request processing module that can operate in the cloud or on the blockchain, in traditional correspondent banking, cross border transaction, escrow, credit, reciprocal trade or crypto-currency transaction environments. MNX software was designed to monitor transaction progress and report on transaction updates, in real time, on web-based dashboards, or through automatically or manually generated PDF reports. Transaction processes within the MNX platform can be fully or semi-automated.




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