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Managing your investments doesn’t have to suck.Discover a refreshing portfolio management experience with Massblock, a new app to help you track your blockchain assets.When we first started looking into investing in crypto currency and blockchain assets, the very first thing that struck us was just how DIFFICULT everything is. Now admittedly, some of this difficulty is due to the nature of the technology and the learning curve involved, however we felt there was room for improvement in the tools we use every day, particularly on our phones.So we started work on Massblock, a new app to help you track your blockchain assets.Right from the start, we knew we wanted Massblock to be a simple and intuitive product that �just works�. We also wanted to automate as many tasks as possible to help free up time and headspace whilst managing our investments.You shouldn�t need to remember to enter a transaction every time you make a trade, in order to see your current balance or what it�s worth.You shouldn�t need to be Google-ing exchange rates to know what your altcoin trades are worth in your native currency.You shouldn�t need to keep track of which coins cost you the most in order to minimise your tax responsibilities.These are just some of the everyday challenges that we are trying to tackle with Massblock.




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