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naak is an Energy Cloud Platform placing On-Demand Control of energy in the palm of your hand

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About Us

naak is an Energy Cloud Platform and Marketplace delivering On-Demand Control of the energy in your home or business. naak is powered by carbonTRACK�s Smart Hub technology and integrates with IoT Smart Home devices, energy storage and solar, allowing you to monitor, hierarchically control and optimize your energy use from the palm of your hand. Subscribe to naak and access a marketplace of additional services such as API Access, Demand Response and Virtual Power Plants to maximize your ROI and control your energy future. Intelligent Energy Management – See, Control, Manage�& Optimize�everything behind the meter!Features and Benefits:On-Demand Control F: circuit, plug, & inverter level control, hierarchical switching, designated solar circuitsB: Maximize solar umbrella & ROI, peak load management, limit export & curtailmentSmart Home Automation F: Internet of Things Smart Accessories – thermostat, circuits, plugs, locks, sensors B: Expand service offerings, differentiation, appliance control, more savingsRate Tariff OptimizationF: time of use, demand charge, zero export, automatic updates B: investment hedge, avoid curtailment, maximize ROI, future ready Reliable Real-Time Monitoring & Interval DataF: 4G cellular, 15 min. interval data, solar production, grid consumption, net exportB: fewer truck rolls & customer complaints, custom alerts, system design & sales toolFleet Management F: hardware agnostic, simple to install, reliable software and hardware, centralize dashboardB: residential & commercial, custom alerts, reduce O&M costs, continuous asset managementGrid Edge Services – control your energy futureF: battery management, digital essential loads panel, centralize command & controlB: intelligent energy management, virtual power plant, demand response, increase asset valueTransactive Energy F: Go digital, Blockchain, Crypto, Peer to Peer, B: Buy and sell on spot market pricing, participate in the new energy marketplace




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