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Z: Scam?
Z: Scam?

25 Ayebeng Avenue , Adenta Housing Estates , Accra, Greater Accra, GP14125,  GP14125
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About Us

OneCoin is a new cryptocurrency. It was born in 2015. It uses a New and Safer Blockchain Technology than BitCoin and many other cryptocurrencies do. Money Transfers are much faster and cheaper than with Traditional Money and BitCoin. An international transfer takes less than 1 minute. It has No Inflation because it is Finite � only 120 Billion Onecoins will be mined. It is a global currency and it is not controlled by any Bank or Government. The Vision of OneCoin is to be the Global Reserve Cryptocurrency. What does it take to be the Global Reserve Cryptocurrency? First, you need a large amount of cryptocurrencies.Secondly, globally large group of users; thus people who accept the cryptocurrency as a real currency and thirdly, you need a Global Usability. If you cannot use the coins, they are worthless.Onecoin Limited will go public by the end of the second quarter of 2018 and the company will be listed on a stock exchange in Asia. It is estimated that by December 2018, the company will have mined all the 120 billion onecoins.


25 Ayebeng Avenue , Adenta Housing Estates , Accra, Greater Accra, GP14125,



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