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Oracle investment company. A subsidiary of unitycreditcapital.comOur company is currently trying to expand its network by meeting professionals who are into business that might need our services.We help companies and reliable individuals who wish to expand their already existing business but do not have the capital to do that. We give such people loan with as low as 2% interest rate per month and 15% interest rate per year. The minimum duration of the loan is one month while the maximum duration is five years. The company has the capacity to give you any amount of money you wish to take, provided your already existing business has the potentials and a good sustainability plan to ensure that you can pay back the money.Secondly, we also help people who have good business ideas to establish the business, taking the percentage ratio of the profit as the case may be. Before we can establish a new business for you, our team of expertise in quality assurance must have done the feasibility studies to ensure the sustainability of the business and how reliable the individual is.However, this may be the major reason we have to meet. The company is currently taking advantage of the new trend in the world wide mode of payment in trading by embracing crypto currency. As every body knows today, crypto currency has taking over the mode of payment in virtually all the international transactions because it is generally accepted in all the countries today.Now, our company has actually made a lot of people who embraced this idea suddenly rich. This is because we have the best expertise in the world who have been trained specially to trade this currency. They can help you to trade any kind of coin, whether it is bit coin, one coin,etc, and guaranty you the best profit out of it without loosing anything. Risk management is highly assured.Now this is what the company does here. There are many ways of making money from the crypto currency without stress and time but i am going to be brief in the explanation. However, this will not in any way affect your current job because it does not need your time or need your attention. May be when one indicates interest, I can give you more details. Although, it is very easy to do and understand. This is how it goes;1) If you buy bitcoin or one coin or any other type of crypto currency when the price is low, you will keep it with you and wait for when the price to increase, Then you can now sell it and make huge profit. Our company can help you to achieve this so fast if you indicate interest.2) You can buy the coin and invest it to companies who need it for their business, and they will be paying you good interest every week or every month, depending on the one you want. Our company can as well help you to achieve this.3) And many other advantages which i can not explain now because it’s long. Meanwhile, you can inform anyone that may need our services.4 bitcoin pools and mining. register with us, we will communicate you. email admin@oracleinvestment.com whatsapp +19162380112




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