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Im Hasenacker 32, Schaan, 9494,  9494
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About Us

repay.me was founded in December 2015. In repay.me�s office in Berlin, 35 employees are currently working on the last details of a global online marketplace with unlimited cashback, which will launch in summer 2018. On this marketplace, new and used products can be purchased with up to 100 percent cashback in participating online and offline shops. repay.me�s cashback originates primarily from advertising revenues that enable high cashback rates even in sectors with slim margins. To simplify the cashback experience even more, our own crypto token (REME-Coin) enables unlimited cashback everywhere just by paying with it.Too many companies view user data as their property and users as a product whose data can be sold. repay.me is convinced that user data belong to the customers and that they should be the ones profiting primarily from their data usage. repay.me�s community is grounded on the spirit of fair trade: the more data repay.me receives from the community, the more cashback will be repaid to the community.In contrast to other cryptocurrencies, the REME-Coin is stable in value: every REME-Coin is backed by a guaranteed number of ad impressions with a certain value (CPI – cost per impression). Hence, right from the start, the REME-Coin holds a fixed inner value. With increasing amount of data, targeting possibilities for advertisers improve and the value of one token backed by ad impressions will rise.As a part of our team, you will get fully involved in our corporate culture, which is welcoming and friendly. We encourage you to create and to innovate, giving you freedom of actions and trust. You will work in a supportive environment in a team of professionals with highly modern hard-/software and daily fresh smoothies & unlimited coffee and water guaranteed.Impressumrepay.me FL GmbHIm Hasenacker 32LI-9494 SchaanRepresented by:Managing directors: Sascha Jonas, Mario Peter, Klaus D. Stark Contact:E-Mail: contact@remecoin.ioRegistry entry:Registry Number: FL-0002.575.216-0Registry court: Amt f�r Justiz, F�rstentum Liechtenstein Tax ID: 2575216




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