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131-151, Great Titch?eld Street, london, UK, W1W 5BB,  W1W 5BB
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About Us

We are a team of traders and advisors located in London and Valencia, passionate about the Blockchain technology and the crypto market, we manage investment portfolios in crypto-assets, we advise on the acquisition and the investment process, using as a principle a transparent guide and honest drawing realistic goals.Acquired for a long time knowledge of analysis in futures markets, stocks, CFDs, Forex, and other financial markets using tools to decipher the feelings of the market, this knowledge under a good strategy and well applied to read the traces left by the market and so operate for our benefit.In the course of these years we have discovered a disruptive financial technology that is to say that it is reinventing the way we use money.Blockchain is a distributed, decentralized and cryptographically secure accounting ledger that allows us to accurately track “who and when I pay who” in synthesis we speak of a system that allows a new digital money called Crypto Currency. In S.T.C.F. Ltd, we have applied in the crypto currencies this same knowledge acquired in the financial markets to operate for our benefit and visionaries or entrepreneurs who want to enter this type of investment, we provide the service as traders, analysts and portfolio managers, we must clarify that At no time do we ask for custody of the client’s funds to operate, we only advise and train the investor to manage their own funds receiving monthly reports on market analysis with the objective that you as an investor can take advantage of and take advantage of this technology, and best of all, learn about Blockchain.




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