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|| EYEGLOB.NET || First and Only Eye Health Global Ecosystem on Blockchain! || ENVISION THE FUTURE! ||Vision is the most . . . important prerequisite for the quality of life in today�s world. With the developmentof new technologies and changing life style – the human eyes suffer greater strain, which resultsin increasing scale of vision disorders and directly impacts eye health.In 2010 there were 1.9 billion people with eye diseases around the world and there will be 3.3 billionby 2030*. Most of these diseases can lead to decreased eyesight, or even blindness.Industry numbers reflect the similar trends. Global eye health market is valued around 72 billionUSD in 2017, while the estimation for 2022 is 160 billion USD*.Increase in demand of products and services are rapidly growing in the eye health sector, howeverthe number of eye health practitioners are not increasing but declining. It�s indicated that the numberof ophthalmologists is decreasing by 1.7% worldwide each year…Now you may understand, why people have to wait for the simple cataract surgery several months.The future trends are even worse for all population. Majority of people will need improvement of visionat some point � and it�s even the best case scenario, if it will end only with the problems that may besolved with eye glasses.As a response to this rapidly emerging problem we will provide a mix of social and professionalnetwork dedicated to eye health. We will implement digital tools, specialized for each interested partyon EyeGlob.Net network. This will enable each group and individuals to act, interact and score dramaticallyfaster, more effective and productive. EyeGlob.Net will grow to functional ecosystem and savebillions of hours and money. We will use block chain technology and smart contract protocol for sensitivedata management, encryption, protection and sharing.The eye health care and industry will never be the same.

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After selling glasses and contact lenses online we pivoted into blockchain. We have closed learning many lessons.

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