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We are a young yet experienced technology company. Started in 2014 with offices in Singapore; Barcelona; Tokyo and Dubai and soon; Melbourne.Advantages of the Touch� solution for the different stakeholders:The AcquirerIn each market they compete mostly on price – a race to the bottom. Acquiring services have no distinguishing features and are purely credit card processing centric.The smarter ones have identified the need to provide value-added services to keep their existing clients and attract new ones. The merchant1. Future proof the payments – through Touch�; the merchant can accept any form of payment. Cards; contactless; QR; on-line wallets and even crypto-currencies and biometrics.2. Operational efficiencies – No more paper. No more paper coupons; vouchers and discount tickets. Everything is electronic. We are a mobile integration device that uses multiple source systems to create a unique experience.3. Loyalty programs – We integrate to existing programs or create a new loyalty program on Touch�. This is fully integrated with the payment experience. The discounts and other benefits are applied automatically. Points can be redeemed at the point of interaction. 4. Historical insights into the buying behaviour of their customers. It is about people and their buying habits and behaviour. 5. AI based predictive analysis to project the business. The engagement levels of their customers their projected churn ratios. 6. Targeted marketing to act on the analytical insights. Most effective!All the above create a unique customer experience; one that can�t be replicated with any other solution at the moment – delivered with very high security and privacy considerations. We are so much more than a payment solution. Payments as part of a much broader experience creation.If you are not a business owner and just want to experience Touch�; come on over here: https://www.facebook.com/gotouche/https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YnO44E0RN3s


60 Tras Street , #03-01 ; Singapore; Catalonia, 078999,



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