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71 Chessel Street, Bristol, BS3 3DN,  BS3 3DN
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About Us

For past three years, the TrustedIn Trading team has been developing and designing a concept with multiple uses of blockchain technology, along with incorporating bio-metrics to package the web and mobile applications with a vision to reduce fraud within the financial services and business sectors. The primary concept is based on the development of a social validation platform on which corporate and individual users can choose to be validated and progress through a complete due diligence process that verifies their identity, licensing and regulatory status. The aim is to reduce corporate and professional identity theft and associated fraud within the financial sector. This will be achievable globally in a decentralized system, using blockchain technology. At TrustedIn Trading, we strongly believe that we can make a significant impact on how individuals and companies are affected through the development of our feature-rich social validation platform with crypto-currency based escrow capabilities. Each company which chooses to validate their details and become part of the chain reduces their chances of having their identities misused and can use their verified accounts as primary marketing channels while adhering to regulatory and licensing parameters established by national regulatory bodies. The unique selling proposition (USP) is that so far, there is no multi function validation platform which is beneficial to all members of the financial sector. The current social platforms are too generalized or, in some cases, too niche. A platform that has something for all members of the sector from small business owners to multi-billion dollar hedge funds will retain usage levels and appeal to a large cross section of the sector while validation and escrow will enhance business for those concerned.




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