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VC Academy offers the first comprehensive online program on venture capital investing affordable and available anywhere in the world. Venture Capital Executive Program covers the entire cycle of venture capital investing and its best practices. The learning objectives of the entire program are:?building a personal investor profile ?learning and practicing various valuation methods applicable at different stages of a startup’s lifecycle ?understanding the process of raising a VC fund and the necessary components for successful fundraising?defining an investment strategy and creating an investment memorandum ?drafting legal documents for establishing a VC firm and VC fund (Limited Partnership Agreement, Operational Agreement, Subscription agreement, etc.)?establishing operational policies of a VC firm?learning negotiation strategies in deal-making?understanding and drafting founder- and investor-favorable term sheets?creating a framework for building an investment portfolio?defining portfolio management strategy for harvesting and exiting investments?learning the differences and practices of angel investing and corporate venture investing?understanding crypto financing and token offerings?practicing the impact measurement frameworkThe students can choose between self-paced learning and working with a coach.VC Academy issues a non-degree professional certificate confirming that a student has successfully completed a course or series of courses by passing all the ongoing and graduation tests. The certificate is valid for two rolling years from graduation.




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