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4-5 Mitchell Street , venn-cc://tech , Edinburgh, Scotland, EH6-7BD,  EH6-7BD
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About Us

We are an Edinburgh based start-up with big ambitions. Our main activities are manufacturing, operating, and selling hardware which supports the emerging blockchain industry’s infrastructure. We also specialise in providing bespoke blockchain solutions to our clients. We aim to manufacture the highest-quality mining rigs, help your organisation understand the business ramifications of this revolutionary technology, and innovate through the solutions we provide to our clients.Systematic issues underlying the 2008 crash are still at play. What “fixed” the 2008 crash, quantitative easing, cannot work again. Identifying why that is the case is where we initially discovered this opportunity. For us, hedging against the next market correction means investing in cryptocurrency. We believe the least risky way of doing so is to invest in the blockchain’s infrastructure via a process called mining. Buying into in the blockchain infrastructure is a profitable and sound investment. R&D for venn-cc://tech started in 2016 after Bitcoin successfully completed its first economic cycle. Bitcoin is the blockchain industry�s proof of concept; completing this cycle proved the technology can act as a viable economic system. The Project Venn team came together in late 2016 as R&D showed promising, profitable results. In early 2017, an opportunity presented: an offer of ~US$0.03 per kW/h for sole use of an 825-megawatt (MW) generator. This may not seem like much, but what makes cryptocurrency mining profitable is energy costs. The profit margin is based on cents per kilowatt hour (kW/h). For comparison, the lowest price our competitors can secure is in China at ~US$0.07 per kW/h.In mid-2017, venn-solve://tech�s board agreed to move forward with the implementation of venn-cc://tech to act as a funding mechanism for a larger project based on the 825MW generator. This opportunity is big enough to share so we are offering additional benefits to our initial clients and customers.


4-5 Mitchell Street , venn-cc://tech , Edinburgh, Scotland, EH6-7BD,



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