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The ever-developing crypto ecosystem and central authorities� incapacity of creating a safe ground for launching and developing ICOs have led to many failures in this industry. For ICO CEOs and investors, alike, it�s very hard to find a trustworthy peer.Up until now, this collaboration was unclear for both ICO marketers and investors. This is where the Verified Private Sales platform comes in handy.Its main purpose is to create a transparent collaboration between investors and ICOs. It helps both parties do their research about each other and adds the trust this collaboration has lacked so far.The project serves both as an investment fund and a platform offering transparency to the whole process.The main benefits of an investor include:?? Partial RefundWhen investing in an ICO, if the soft cap is not met, VPS makes sure each investor gets a partial refund, making the investment less risky.? Increased Bonuses�Strength in numbers� is the principle applied at VPS. More investors mean more funds to invest in a certain ICO. When investing in an ICO, the more money an entity invests, the bigger the discounts it gets. 20% to 30% discounts can turn into 70% discounts.? Exhaustive Information About ICOsThis is a very important aspect of this project. It aims to offer more information to its investors regarding the ICOs. They do this by organizing Q&As with the ICO�s founders. Through this Q&As, investors will get all the information they need about the ICO they invest in.




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