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(Previously called MyCryptoSaver) Vimba provides over 5000 users a simple and easy way to buy; sell and save Bitcoin and Ethereum from NZ and the UK. Vimba provides three key services for its users:Save Crypto. Vimba allows users to Dollar Cost Average Bitcoin and Ethereum through it�s weekly savings service. A user is provided with a unique reference number for them to setup an automatic bank payment of any amount between $20 – $2000 with a weekly; fortnightly or monthly frequency. They can also use a distribution slider to determine how much of their payment goes into Bitcoin and/or Ethereum. The money is deposited on the Monday and Crypto delivered on the Friday. Instant Buy. Vimba provides an Instant buy feature allowing users to instantly buy up to $2000 of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Crypto is delivered within twenty minutes of purchase. What makes Vimba different from other Crypto platforms such as Coinbase is that Vimba never hosts crypto on behalf of its users (there is no Vimba Bitcoin wallet). Once bought; it is sent directly to the users private wallet where it is completely under their control.Instant Sell. Alongside its instant buy; Vimba also provides a way for its users to instantly sell their Bitcoin back to NZD; 24/7. Once the Bitcoin is sent to a unique sell address automatically generated for each user; the NZD is generally in the user’s bank account within 12 hours. It is important to note that Vimba users can only sell the amount of Bitcoin they have bought through the platform.




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