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For years, privacy and security experts worldwide have called on the general public to adopt strong, open-source cryptography to protect our communications. With all the revelations around the globe, it�s been confirmed: the industrial world is spying on our digital lives, grabbing up communications transmitted in the digital air.Given the ever so growing world of industrial espionage and dramatic increase in cyber crime world-wide, why don�t regular people and companies routinely use tools to encrypt their communications? Wouldn�t we all communicate a little more freely without the shadow of surveillance?It really boils down to 2 things: Security and Usability. Encryption tools that are extremely easy to use, often don�t rely on the best security practices, including end-to-end encryption that utilises and uses the open source banner. Encrypted Messaging tools that are really secure, aren�t the friendliest interfaces to get around. Everyday users often don�t have the know-how installing the technology, verifying its authenticity, setting up an account, or may accidentally use the service in a way that would make their communication vulnerable to exposure.V.I.P. Secure in collaboration with many partners around the globe including SaltDNA, Myntex, Encrypted Wireless, Scholz Mobility, Alertsec and many more are joining forces to launch a campaign for your digital privacy, by bringing you secure and usable crypto. We have chosen technologies that have a large and wide user database, thus dealing with a tremendous amount of sensitive user communications. By bringing you an entire range of services to secure your communications and dataOur wide ranges of secured devices and services have been thoroughly tested for known vulnerabilities and exploits. It gives us the peace of mind to know your privacy, personal/business life and your confidential data is free from malicious attacks. We only use the technology that makes your communications 100% private.




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