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Watsons Farm, Salisbury Road,, Southampton, Hampshire, So516FQ,  So516FQ
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About Us

Hey, we are pleased you found Virtual Nation!Engage with your nation to build success.We are excited about the opportunities that immutable distributed ledger technology provides and the hype that blockchain has generated over the last decade. Supplying blockchain start-ups with the tools to thrive in the accelerated world that is the crypto sphere has become our passionCommunity Management:Moderator services supported by our friendly neighborhood bot developer.Bots are a great way to keep a group clean around the clock but they can also be used to run competitions, support admin activities, track the group’s metrics, plus provide the tracking required by our community dashboard.Those in the blockchain space expect the personal touch only a real person can provide, our moderators come from around the globe and we currently have a team that includes the UK, USA, and the Philippines, all are experienced traders and blockchain experts in their own right.Community Campaigns Dashboard:At Virtual Nation we are proud of our custom built bounty campaign management system the Community Dashboard. On the user’s side this is defined by an easy to use and instantly rewarding user interface, this allows those that are new to tokens the ability to join our campaigns without a steep learning curve, opening your STO to a larger base of customers. For our team, it represents a streamlining of the technically difficult and time-consuming bounty process, the checking and updating of sheets are a thing of the past.From the first time your future users meet your brand, you can be confident that we at Virtual Nation will promote and facilitate every aspect of their journey.We are all more likely to accept the judgment of a friend than follow a marketing banner. Building an active community, via our dashboard, and enlisting their services to promote your product will be more effective than traditional marketing techniques.Choose Virtual Nation today.




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