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VOTTUN | Blockchain Traceability Platform

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About Us

Vottun is focusing on using blockchain technology to improve the way the certificates are used in the world. Utilizing the benefits of blockchain technology, we have developed a solution to solve important use cases in certificates applications. Our initial focus is in education diplomas & badges, as well as supply chain and product traceability. These two different use cases shows the breath and scale of our technological framework. It enables us to provide customized and actionable recommendations for companies and institutions that want to start innovating with blockchain technology. Our platform is built on a robust problem / solution framing, cutting-edge methodologies, deep blockchain technology expertise, extensive supply chain management know-how, and help from our extensive network of industry advisors and experts.Our clients in Education consider the reputation impact of fraudulent certificates to be very important. Our Supply Chain partners understand the value of building a trusted supply chain that is transparent, trusted, and provides a single source of truth to all participants. We are also at the initial stage of experimentation with Government and other use cases that extend the range of our platform. We look forward to sharing the results of these experiments and Proof of Concepts as we advance further with our clients and partners.




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