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Like any other business; a blockchain-related business must have solid operational underpinnings to survive and thrive; and we are perhaps the best in the world at providing this guidance to emerging businesses while reducing or eliminating the common causes of startup failure. Vouchereum believes our token holders should benefit from access to a stream of new tokens from our carefully incubated portfolio companies. The name Vourchereum is a combination of the words “Voucher” and �Ethereum. Vouchereum Marketplace is a global exchange voucher marketing service that offers its subscribers daily discount coupons through email;�Facebook�and�Twitter�feed. Typically Vouchereum deals focus on Restaurants; Retailers; Hoteliers; Service Providers; and Regional Products.Vouchereum Incubator believes that blockchain is the next major platform for innovation and a foundational technology � that it has the ability to change the way both business and social structures work. For this reason; we are creating a new incubator to partner with leading entrepreneurs to build a portfolio of blockchain and cryptocurrency related businesses that are positioned for long-term success. We expect many of the companies will take a long journey to success; so we will work with entrepreneurs to set up their businesses with this in mind; which means appropriate legal; technical; and operational structures and controls. Vouchereum Cryptocurrency Exchanges will provide a good gateway where you can buy; sell or exchange our list of cryptocurrencies.




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